・・Interview about tong ・・

How are you doing?

I am a cat  pony

Today ,I want to take interviews with my partner saka.

Pony :Hai saka !

           What do you want to do with    cutting the bamboo?

Saka:  Well.. I want to make bamboo    tong

Pony :Woww, it’s look difficult .

Where did you learned to make it?

Saka: actually ,I never been Learn to make this tong but

I was saw my grandfather and my father when make it.

     And feel I can make it  ,when I was in senior high schools

Pony:  Ohh really?

by the way, that tong what it is for?

Saka:   This tong have a lot of function,such as to Grab stir fried vegetables like spinach and others

Pony :  Ooh I see..

That always using to grab the a lot of vegetables,and salad too ,

But I think it more better to grab grilled mackerel or grilled bonito this time.

I really recommend it!

Saka : Yeah  that’s right

But that’s one you want to eat !

Don’t you pony?

Pony :  Ha ha ha.

Then if I catch a bird or a mole

You can grab it.

Saka :No  way! I’d rather not  do it

Pony :  I like this outfit like combining hands.

Well  ..I want to finish my interview.

and I would like to sharpen my nails

Saka : Yup!! Any way , you don’t have to catch a bird or mole pony!


gumino lamp ( Since 1999 )

We plant a gourds in small village in Kumamoto for make lamps.

And also make a traditional bamboo tongs .

gumino lamp( Dari 1999 )

Memelihara labu di sebuah pedesaan di propensi kumamoto, dan membuat lampu dari labu bertemakan cerita “cerita dan lampu”


生まれる野原と書いて「 ぐみの 」と読みます。熊本県の小さな集落でひょうたんを育て、「おとぎ話」をイメージしたランプと、伝統的な竹トングを作っています . We plant a gourds in small village in Kumamoto for make lamps.And also make a traditional bamboo tongs .