cat 「pony」interview (English ver)

Cat 「pony」interview English Ver

I am pony
It’s may
When I say hallo to swallows, their look so busy and say “ kik-Ki-kik”to me.

I was walked alone on the old road.
Before the cars is passed by on this road, but it’s has already become pedestrian road right now.
Pony         : hallo miss maples ,how are you doing?  I look you came green in few time .
                    When the wind was blowing ,everyone wave their hands during say “haiii” to me.
                    I felt so happy, you’re embarrassing me !

Maple       : umm well ,you have noticed it a lot. We always waving our hand on these day, but nobody
                  Noticed with us . But it’s doesn’t matter. 
                  There is something more make us felt in naughty.
                   In meantime after the rain a little crab boy was passed by here.
                  Co’z along time no see him ,we are so happy to meetup with him and we asked the wind to 
                  Blow us and wave our hands for him.
Pony       :  that’s a pleasure,isn’t it?
Maple     : [actually...]that s different...what do you think the little crab boy did?
Pony      : crab boy  what he did?
Maple    :「rock -paper-scissors」he put hand out
Pony      : a....and than ?
Maple    : and than the little crab boy put the scissors out during say “choki choki”(japanese sound of cutting)
                And he said “miss maple are always put paper out when rock-paper-scissors game!
              “ Horeeee I am a winner !!! “He said , he look so glad and passed away.
Pony     :ooohhh that’s unfair !! Isn’t it?
                It’s  little crab a mischievous boy!
               I swear i will make interviews when I meet him.
Maple   :yess, but how annoying! About his unfair game .
Pony    : anyway Let’s make game [rock -paper-scissors] with me !
              Of course with fair game ok?
Maple  : ok pony!! We ‘re ready for your challenge !!
              With fair game, let start!

Pony     :are ready?? Ready .........「rock-paper-scissors」
Maple   : it’s rock?
Pony     :what is it? Actually I don’t know about it...
Maple   :it’s look like rock but it’s paper...isn’t it?
Pony     :it’s paper which look like rock be..
Maple   :it’s driving us crazy ...
Pony     : ha..ha..ha...ha 
Maple  :  ha..ha..ha..ha
The interviews end with a laugh.

See you again bye bye..!


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